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"Showing Resilience and Finding Inspiration During Women's History Month," Adobe Blog interview with Nicola & other filmmakers


"Interview with Nicola Rose," Catherine Delaloye, Female Voices Rock Film Festival

"The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Goes Digital" (spotlighting Gabrielle), Jake King, The Knockturnal

Interview about Gabrielle, Carmela Baranowska, We Are Moving Stories

Review of In the Land of Moonstones, Alicia Moore, UK Film Review 

Article about the Festival of Cinema NYC (spotlighting Gabrielle), David Russell, Queens Chronicle


"Make the Work You Want To See," interview with As Told By Women


"Filmmaker Spotlight: Nicola Rose," Chris Hadley,

"Interview with Nicola Rose, Director of Gabrielle," Jared D. MilburnAgnès Films

Raine Filmmaker Award Winner profile: 

"Garden State Film Festival 2019: In the Land of Moonstones,Carmela Baranowska, We Are Moving Stories

Interview with Nicola Rose, Director of Gabrielle and In the Land of Moonstones," Stephanie Archer, Film Inquiry

Reviews of Gabrielle and In the Land of MoonstonesStephanie Archer, Film Inquiry

Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 2.42.04 PM.png

Placing a rubber duck on the shore on set of In the Land of Moonstones — a directorial rite of passage, obviouslyPhoto: Abigail He

On set of Goodbye, Petrushka with (L-R) actor Thomas Vieljeux, sound op Anna Khromova, DP Omar Torres, and 1st AC Sasha Kondratyuk. Photo: Kim Torres

Directing 3.jpg

Directing In the Land of Moonstones in Brooklyn, with actors Natalie Keating and Rand McAvoy. Photo: Elizabeth Mealey

Directing 2.jpg

On set of Gabrielle with actress Adèle Marie-Alix and DP Jon Reine. Photo: Sam Francisco

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