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(Short, 2018)

A story about first love, loss, and The Little Prince, through the eyes of an 11-year-old girl.

While visiting her beloved Russian grandma in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, our protagonist falls in love with a boy her age. Then she experiences the joys and sorrows that follow.

Told partly in live-action, partly in drawings (by artist Jennifer Himes), this film is an ode to friendship, memories, and the first loves that never really leave us.

Based on the work of Nicola Rose's good friend, author Tania Sollogoub. (38 min.)

Watch below!


"I adore writing that sticks in your mind, words that grasp onto your heart when you least expect it; Rose’s writing undoubtedly ties a soft, gentle ribbon around the hearts of viewers. ... Young actors Natalie Keating and Rand McAvoy are absolutely spectacular; their onscreen presence is incredible."
— Alicia Moore, UK Film Review


"This charming short ... touches so delicately on first love, coming of age [and] an affectionate grandmother ... It's woven together so sweetly as a memoir to a turning point in this young woman's youth."
— KIDS FIRST! Coalition for Quality Children's Media

"In the Land of Moonstones brings a nod and a light to not only the structure of immigrant families, but the dual assimilation their children experience both in our society and within the familial unit ... As [Moonstones] ends, you will find yourself swept away with emotion ... What moments do we have stored away ... [that leave] a mark so deep we can never shake it off, but rather absorb it into our future?"
— Stephanie Archer, Film Inquiry


KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

Garden State Film Festival  Nominee: Best Supporting Actress (Valeriya Korennaya)
Boulevard Film Festival  Winner: Audience Choice Award

Oaxaca Film Festival

Midnight Film Festival Winner: Best Featurette

World Music & Independent Film Festival Winner: Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Valeriya Korennaya)
Franklin International Independent Film Festival

DUMBO Film Festival

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