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Claire, 19, is a bit of an oddball: a romantic, a puppeteer, and a fish out of water at college. After one appalling class too many, Claire hits breaking point. Right around that same time, she has a chance meeting with an intriguing Frenchman named Thibaut, a figure skater at the end of his career. That's when Claire decides it's time for a change. She allows her crazy, rich best friend Julia to talk her into an impulsive move from New York to Paris. There, the starry-eyed Claire meets Thibaut again and they embark on a unique project together.

But from there, nothing in Paris quite goes as Claire planned. Whether she's battling wacky French bureaucrats, nannying for the Parisian family from hell, embarrassing herself in front of Thibaut, or finding her way through a toxic relationship — Claire's stint in Paris is one faux pas after another. 

In the end, Claire will have to figure out how to put herself first, following her own unique, silly and beautiful heart.

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Poster by Haley Turnbull

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