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Gabrielle, 13, is a talented artist. And what she loves to draw most is ballet. So naturally, one day she decides she wants to take ballet herself. However, the deck is stacked against her: she is the “wrong” age, the “wrong” body type, and worst of all, her ballet teacher is a bully, bent on humiliating Gabrielle in any way possible.

Gabrielle doggedly pursues ballet even as her teacher tries to break her. Meanwhile, Camille, the school's star ballerina, starts to notice Gabrielle’s drawings — and want to be her friend. But in the cutthroat world of ballet school social politics, can a queen bee and an outcast be friends? Will their teacher get her comeuppance? And, can Gabrielle take her experiences and turn them into what she does best — art?

A story about true friends, overcoming bullies, finding your talent, and knowing your worth. 


Female Filmmakers Fuse Film Fest, Pasadena, CA
Revolution Me Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY

  • Winner: Best Youth Actress, Adèle Marie-Alix

  • Nominee: Best Story

F3 Frankly Film Fest, Cincinnati, OH

Orchids Children's Film Festival, Bangalore, India
International KidsNFilm Festival, Vallejo, CA
Queen Palm International Film Festival, Palm Springs, CA

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