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Creative Block


Claire is a puppet-maker in New York; Thibaut, an ice skater in Paris. Each, in their own way, suffers from depression and creative block. But one gives in, while the other won't give up. A story about inspiration: having it, losing it, finding it again, and never taking it for granted. (16 min., English and French with English subtitles) 


"Creative Block is immediately and highly relatable ... [in] its two main characters, each viewer can find themselves [and their] decisions, defeat and success ... Determined to return color to Thibaut's life, Claire boards a NYC subway train, the darkness of the subway tunnels giving way to a transcontinental travel to the subways of France ... symbolic in that our passion can transcend all barriers, pushing us farther than we think possible."
— Stephanie Archer, Film Inquiry


IndieBOOM! Festival (Winner: Jury Honorable Mention)
New York Women in Film & Television Shorts Festival

Midnight Film Festival (Winner: Best Director)

Franklin International Independent Film Festival

Yonkers Film Festival

Other Venice Film Festival

Oregon Cinema Arts Festival

Massachusetts Independent Film Festival (2 nominations)

Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema (3 nominations)

Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

Auckland International Film Festival

Philadelphia Independent Film Awards (1 nomination)

Mindfield Film Festival, Los Angeles (Silver Award, Best Drama)

Spotlight Short Film Awards (Spotlight Silver Award)

Los Angeles CineFest

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Film of the Month — Princeton Independent Film Festival

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