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(Short, 2020)

A goofy girl genius and a burly boy bully become unlikely best friends

when they learn they share the same dream:

to be beauty queens.

A comedy about growing up, self-acceptance, the power of friendship, and burping. (14 min.)

Watch below!




Brooklyn Film Festival

Children's Film Festival Seattle

Boston International Kids' Film Festival

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

Garden State Film Festival

Nevada Women's Film Festival Nominee: Best Short Film

Chelsea Film Festival

San Diego Children's Film Festival Featured at San Diego Comic-Con International

Adirondack Film Festival

Festival of Cinema NYC

Twister Alley Film Festival Winner: Best Kid Flix

Blackbird Film Festival Nominee: Powerful Voice Award

Revolution Me Film Festival Winner: Best Youth Actors (David Kaid & Sierra Blanco), Best Comedy

Shawna Shea Film Festival Winner: Best Comedy

Female Voices Rock Film Festival

Film Girl Film Festival

Female Filmmakers Fuse Film Festival

Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Festival Winner: Best Director, Comedy & Best Comedic Duo (David Kaid & Sierra Blanco)

Catskill International Film Festival

+ featured by KidFilm Fest (USA Film Fest, Dallas, TX) in school screenings


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