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Charlotte, 14, is a genius — hotheaded, nerdy, and brilliant. But what she secretly wants is to be a beauty queen.

Biff, 14, is a bully — big, burly and (seemingly) brainless. But what he secretly wants is to be a beauty queen.

When Charlotte is forced to tutor Biff in math, the pair discover their shared secret, and Biff eagerly helps Charlotte prepare for the upcoming Princess Teen Queen Pageant. There's only one problem: they have to keep it all a secret from their parents. Charlotte’s folks want her to focus on math and school, not crowns and gowns; and Biff’s oafish dad would never accept a son in sequins. Can the kids’ friendship survive? Can Charlotte risk being who she really is? Can Biff?

A comedy about growing up, being who you are, the power of friendship, and burping. (14 min.)




Brooklyn Film Festival — KidsFilmFest, Brooklyn, NY

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, Dubuque, IA

Chelsea Film Festival, New York, NY

San Diego International Children's Film Festival, San Diego, CA *Featured at San Diego Comic-Con

Adirondack Film Festival, Glens Falls, NY

Festival of Cinema NYC, Queens, NY Nominee: Best Ensemble

Twister Alley Film Festival, Woodward, OK Winner: Best Kid Flix

Children's Film Festival Seattle, Seattle, WA

Boston International Kids' Film Festival, Boston, MA 

Blackbird Film Festival, Cortland, NY Nominee: Powerful Voice Award

Garden State Film Festival, Asbury Park, NJ

Nevada Women's Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV Nominee: Best Short Film

Revolution Me Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY Winner: Best Youth Actors, David Kaid & Sierra Blanco; Winner: Best Comedy

Shawna Shea Film Festival, Uxbridge, MA Winner: Best Comedy

Female Voices Rock Film Festival, New York, NY

Film Girl Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI

International KidsNFilm Festival, Vallejo, CA Winner: 3rd Place, Best Narrative Film

Female Filmmakers Fuse Film Festival, Pasadena, CA

San Diego International Kids' Film Festival, San Diego, CA

Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Festival, Jersey City, NJ Winner: Best Director of a Comedy & Best Comedic Duo

Catskill International Film Festival, Calicoon, NY

FFTG Awards, New York, NY

Green Mountain Film Festival, Burlington, VT Nominee: Best of Fest, Best Actor, Best Actress

+ featured by KidFilm Fest (USA Film Fest, Dallas, TX) in school screenings


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